We are excited about our Get Hired Now! Programs assisting many clients who successfully followed our coaching guidance and transitioned into new opportunities last year. We look forward to continued improvement and success in 2020.

We find that working the strategies we coach you in continuously, provides the most acceleration in your job search. That is why we implemented ongoing support through our weekly calls.

Get Hired Now! Mastermind Calls

Every other Monday starting 1/6/20 at 5 pm PST; 8 pm EST

On these calls, we focus on your wins and challenges of the week. Let’s share and celebrate what has been working, how many connections you have made, results from your networking activities, interviews scheduled, job offers received.

We also address collectively any challenges you might run into, such as activities that are not producing the results you need, keeping a positive mindset and interview follow up.

Get Hired Now! Networking Strategies Calls

Every other Thursday starting 1/16/20 at 5 pm PST; 8 pm EST

Practice your power pitch in a safe environment and get invaluable support, motivation, and results for your networking activities.

Ready to join us? Contact us at info@gethirednowprograms.com

Warm Regards,

Nicole Michelle Nash