Last Monday we had a great Mastermind call with our Get Hired Now! Programs network.  We also shared additional resources, including two continuously updated lists for companies hiring now despite the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We wanted to share where we see the highest success rate for job search activity. We find three aspects true for clients enrolled in our programs:

  1. LinkedIn Profile Optimization: You can expect an uptick of recruiters reaching out with relevant opportunities once we have completed our process with updating and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. We take a three-prong approach to this:
  • Determining your unique value proposition.
  • A professional writer providing updated content.
  • An in-depth step by step optimization of settings, formatting, and branding.
  1. Career Networking:  We see that clients enrolled in our program who follow laid out strategies for building a career network and conversations have a high success rate with securing interviews.
  2. Interview Preparedness:  You can expect that our unique interview prep provides the additional advantage to get you to the job offer negotiation phase.

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Nicole M. Nash