The Get Hired Now! Career Transition Program is for you if you’re a professional looking for a career upgrade.

Our professional and certified Get Hired Now!™ Resume and LinkedIn Profile writers are specifically trained to showcase your talents and experience on your Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile. Our Get Hired Now!™ Coaches will show you how to dramatically improve the response rate for each job application, help you with LinkedIn networking strategies to get in front of hiring managers, and prepare you for your interviews so you will land the job.



► 1:1 Career Coaching (12 Sessions)

  Tools (ATS Resume, Cover letter, Optimized LinkedIn Profile)

►  Professional Branding

►  Get Hired Now! Job Application Process

  Access to Companies Hiring Now Lists

►  Networking Strategies for the Hidden Job Market

►  Interview Prep & Follow-up (phone, video, in-person)

     Interview Practice

     Mastermind Group Calls

     Networking Group Calls

►  Ongoing support during  job search, interview, and offer negotiation phase

The Get Hired Now! Resume Writing & Cover Letter Makeover

Many people believe that having a good resume is what is needed to get you hired, and it is part of the process. However, getting hired in the 21st Century is no longer the way it was in the 20th Century. These days you have to be a tech-savvy person to get hired quickly. We are in the digital job hunting age and your resume has to make it past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The Get Hired Now! LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Your LinkedIn Profile is now more important than your resume. This is because a resume sits on your computer or in a folder until you send it to someone while your LinkedIn Profile is accessible at all times. Your LinkedIn Profile is one of the most important aspects of your professional brand and needs to be manicured to showcase not just what you’ve done, but what you are passionate about and where you want to go with your skills and abilities.

Your LinkedIn Profile is alive 24/7 online and accessible to recruiters and decision makers while you sleep, which is why your professional brand is critical!

Today about 95 percent of recruiters utilize LinkedIn as a major sourcing tool to find candidates to present to their client companies seeking top-tier talent. (1)

Get Hired Now! Career Transition Program – Outline

Dream, Explore, Discover, Plan  – Identifying Your True North:

  • Identifying Your True North Career Goals – Session – 60 min

Understanding your Unique Value Proposition and Transferable Skills:

  • Superpower Extraction Session – 30 min

New Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile

  • Includes 30 min consultation phone call with a professional resume writer
  • Quality Assurance proofreading by an editor with a recruiting background
  • LinkedIn Review & Branding Strategies Session – 60 min

Networking into your new Career Opportunities:

  • LinkedIn Networking Session – 60 min
  • 4 – Lightning Networking Sessions – 30 min each
  • Introductions to your Target Companies.
  • Practice Your Elevator Pitch
  • Check-in with questions

Interview Preparation:

  • Interview Prep Session – 60 min
  • Learn the Get Hired Now! Strategies that make our candidates successful.
  • Mock Interview Practice and Review Session – 60 min

Get a Job Offer you are excited about:

  • Offer Negotiation Strategy Session – 60 min
  • Accelerate your career trajectory with our 2 decades of recruiting insights on how to negotiate your title, salary, bonus, benefits, relocation package, stock options, etc.

    Ongoing Weekly Support (our program does not expire – you will have access to our group calls until you land in your next opportunity):

    • Mastermind Group Sessions 
    • Networking Group Sessions

    1:1 Coaching Sessions are conducted via Zoom when possible.

    Sessions come with follow-up notes, additional handouts, and suggested assignments that help enhance your learning, e.g. for your Networking on LinkedIn we provide you with messaging templates with suggestions for your communication.

    Coaching Sessions are typically scheduled weekly but can be arranged to meet your availability. We can accelerate or pause the program as needed. If you need to cancel a session please provide us with 24h notice if possible.

    We recommend you calendar an additional time of a minimum of 60 minutes per week to work on assignments we give you.

    The Get Hired Now! Career Transition Results:

    • Identify Your True North
    • Increase response rates to your job applications
    • Uncover your next opportunity in the hidden job market
    • Get interviews
    • Get interview practice prior to your actual interviews
    • Be ready to advance from interview to job offer
    • Build a lifelong career network
    • Mastermind Group calls
    • Networking Group calls
    • Ongoing support until you land your next opportunity
    • Offer Negotiation Assistance

    (1) US News & World Report 2019

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