The lyrics Ground Control to Major Tom by David Bowie came to mind when I was preparing our Mastermind Call for this Tuesday. In case you are not familiar with this epic piece of musical genius, here is a 5-minute video for you:


Perhaps we are all in need of a bit of ground control or inspirational music these days. Since I cannot have David Bowie as our guest though, I reached for the next best option:

This Tuesday 9/15/20 we will have Find Your Voice – Extreme Execution Coach, Ashling Cole join us for an overview of the Flight Assessment (now you understand my song reference), a modern-day approach of the DISC Assessment created by Dr. William Marston.

You might already be familiar with the DISC Assessment since many companies utilize it when they put their teams together.  It measures your tendencies and preferences, your patterns of behavior. DISC profiles describe human behavior in various situations.

Many employers use the DISC profile to evaluate employees based on how they might react given a particular situation. For example, these tests can determine whether a person meets the criteria for a high demand environment.

The results give insight about other personality traits as well, making it a reliable source for those seeking a career that accommodates their preferences and tendencies.

Understanding your DISC Profile through the Flight Assessment Module can be a fantastic resource tool:

  • Find out how companies use the DISC Assessment during the hiring process.
  • Understand how the 4 behavioral styles navigate you.
  • Find out your strengths and limitations.
  • Create better relationships with coworkers.
  • Enhance your relationships with family and friends.
  • Understand team dynamics.
  • Improve your leadership and communication skills.
  • Identify conflict resolution tactics.

 Now a bit more about David Bowie, I mean: Ashling Cole:

Ashling Cole is an incredible Songstress herself who has performed with the likes of Prince, Sheila E. and Larry Graham (to name a few) and this year was chosen to be featured on 2020’s Sunday Best as one of the TOP 4 in the search for the world’s best, undiscovered gospel talent.

She has used her unique experience in life and as a performer to coach others for success in life and work through her Find Your Voice Coaching Platform.

You can read more about Ashling’s own personal transformation and connect with her here on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashlingcole/


We look forward to floating through the air with you and introducing you to more ground control tools for your career success.

Over and out,

Nicole M. and Coach Ron Nash


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