Join us on a GHN Master Class Replay to hear a dream come true fairy tale from GHN Career Network member Matt Leiv.

About the Presenter:

Matt joined our GHN Career Program in 2019 and was able to apply the strategies we shared to land a dream job offer.  But it did not end there.  Matt sort of 10xed everything we talked about.

Every time we chatted with Matt, he shared his excitement about the company he joined. Perks included innovative and exciting technology, million-dollar deals, global travel (pre-COVID), a luxury apartment in New York City with a view of the Hudson River, and racing Ferraris in Italy.

Don’t miss out on this chance! See if you can pick up on any tips or tricks to become a subject matter expert in a field that will give you exponential returns on your time.

Here is the link for the replay.