Podcasting can deepen your expertise to help you become a thought leader, expand your network, and ultimately change the trajectory of your life. In this session, Omaid Homayun will share:

* Why he starts a podcast instead of going to business school
* How he’s able to get in touch with some of the most influential leaders like Simon Sinek and Mike Tyson (and how you can too)
* How it’s helped him develop a Super Network and how you can get started

Omaid Homayun writes for Forbes and hosts a career development podcast. He interviewed over 75 leaders ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs, Harvard-trained psychiatrists, professional athletes to Michelin Star chefs to deconstruct the essential career lessons that others can be inspired by.

Omaid has also worked in various sales roles at companies such as Google and Gartner, Inc. He currently works at Thrive Global, the company founded and led by Arianna Huffington, where their mission is to help eradicate the stress and burnout epidemic.

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