The Get Hired Now! Executive Placement Assistance Program is for Executives looking for new growth opportunities or a change in career fields, and placement assistance.


Resume & Cover Letter Makeover

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

 Six 60-minute Career Strategy Sessions & Interview Prep

Access to Resume Analysis & Applicant Tracking System tools

Get Hired Now!™ Recruiting Secrets & Placement Assistance

Offer Negotiation Strategy

Up to 90-day weekly support calls


Immediate Support

The Get Hired Now!™ team will make you look like the Superstar Candidate you already are. First impressions are important. Our professional and certified writers create your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile to stand out. We assist you in identifying companies you want to work with, show you how to get past Applicant Tracking Systems and in front of recruiters and hiring managers.

Placement Assistance

Our professional Get Hired Now!™ network will help introduce you to contacts in your targeted companies and get you in front of decision makers.

We will be the wind beneath your wings from day one until you land the job. We stand by you through the entire interview process and offer negotiations. This program offers mindset coaching, recruiting secrets, networking strategies, placement assistance, and elegant offer negotiation tactics.

Long-term Support

We are your long-term career support system. Once you have completed six career strategy sessions you will graduate to weekly support calls. Our clients return to us every time they look to make a change in companies or look for advice on how to advance within their current company.

The Get Hired Now! Resume Writing & Cover Letter Makeover

Many people believe that having a good resume is what is needed to get you hired, and it is part of the process. However, getting hired in the 21st Century is no longer the way it was in the 20th Century. These days you have to be a tech-savvy person to get hired quickly. We are in the digital job hunting age and your resume has to make it past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If your resume contains the keywords the employer wants, then the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will rank you higher in the search results.

The Get Hired Now! Placement Assistance Program is our most popular coaching program. Candidates have to qualify to be selected.

Would you take a class in mountaineering, watch a few videos and then attempt to climb Mount Everest without a guide? Of course not!
Choosing a career path and attempting to get hired for a job you really want without a guide can be difficult and treacherous.

Can you even see the summit?
Do you know which path is the best one to make it to the top?
Are you still sitting in base camp?

The fundamentals of job hunting in the digital age are changing as quickly as our technology. Unless you work in a career strategy field it is likely that you, like most new graduates and professionals, have no idea what is needed to get you ready for the expedition, how to find the best opportunities that are out there for you and how to get from job search to job offer quickly.

The Get Hired Now! Placement Assistance Program includes your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Makeover and six 60-minute Career Strategy Sessions with a team of professional writers and career coaches.
Plan on 2 coaching sessions per week in week 3 and 4 to accelerate your job placement.

Get Hired Now! Career Strategy Sessions

Week 1 – Session 1: Our writing department will collaborate with you to provide a first draft for your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile, which will be delivered to you in approximately 6 days. Then you will have a chance to review and request any revisions you want.

Week 2 – Session 2: LinkedIn Profile Review and Resume Analysis Training with a certified Get Hired Now!™ Coach.

Week 3 – Session 3: LinkedIn Networking Strategy

Week 3 – Session 4: Interview Preparation

Week 4 – Session 5: Mock Interview and Review with Coach

Week 4 – Session 6: Recruiting Secrets, Placement Assistance, Offer Negotiation Strategy Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be recorded for review.

The Get Hired Now! Career System

You will have access to the Get Hired Now!™ Career Tools to provide you with Resume Analysis and keywords that will get your job application past the Applicant Tracking Systems.



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