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Practice your Elevator Pitch – Get Hired Now! Zoom Networking Strategies Call, Thursday 4/23/20 at 5 pm PT; 8 pm ET

Have you prepared and practiced your elevator pitch and how to present your value proposition in a concise way?

Having practiced how to present your self during a networking call, or an interview will allow you to reap the benefits of engaging someone quickly.

You want to be able to clearly and succinctly communicate what your interests, unique skills and contributions are.

There are four steps that lead to success when creating a well-structured elevator pitch:

  1. Becoming clear and laser-focused on what you want your next opportunity to be and why.
  2. Understanding and articulating how your unique value proposition makes you a great candidate to solve the organization’s problems.
  3. Crafting your pitch with the right verbiage so it comes across concise, engaging, and in your own natural way of speaking.
  4. Practicing with others so you can quickly articulate your pitch at the next opportunity.


This Thursday you can practice your presentation during our Networking call and get feedback from Coach Ron Nash, Matt Carpenter, VP of Human Resources, and others who are on the call.

This is also a great opportunity to listen to others and learn what works and what can be improved.

Make sure to join us:

Thursday 4/23/20 at 5 pm PT; 8 pm ET

Contact us if you are not currently enrolled in one of our programs and are interested in crafting and practicing your elevator pitch, getting resume and LinkedIn profile help, accelerate your job search, or preparing for interviews.

We are here to help you!

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Nicole Michelle Nash