Join us for Wellness Wednesday on 7/8/20 at 5 pm PT.

We are excited that Maggie Waples returns to give a presentation on:

The Biochemistry of Emotions: Do You Control Your Emotions or do They Control You?

  • The science behind taming your biochemistry and improving your happiness, emotions, and responses
  • Dopamine v. Serotonin
  • Do genetics matter?
  • The role of chronic stress, food and the gut in emotional health
  • Tools, and strategies to improve your biochemistry


We are making this class available for FREE and OPEN TO ALL, even if you are not a current member of our Get Hired Now! Network.

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Maggie Waples, one of our Get Hired Now! Network members, is joining us this Wednesday 7/8/20 at 5 pm PT to share the second module from her course The Role of Emotions in Personal and Professional Success.

As leaders, managers, and team members, showing up clear and focused on the job and in life rules the day. As we dig deeper into what it takes to achieve emotional resilience in challenging times, we’ll explore what biochemistry has to do with our emotions.

Part two of the series explores a biology lesson on the brain, and what it needs to achieve balance, happiness, and emotional regulation. Understanding just a few fundamentals will help us unlock a discussion on what you can do to achieve optimal brain health and set yourself up for strong emotional resilience.


We look forward to mediating conversations during these times,

Nicole Michelle & Coach Ron Nash



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