This Tuesday 8/4/20 we will dive a little deeper into how to develop The Mindset of a Top Performer while going through the job search and interviewing phase.  Join us for our live Mastermind Group call at 5 pm PT.

Let’s face it, making a transition in your career can be challenging.  How do you keep motivated, keep up your spirits, and exude confidence?

Joining us will be Niki Woodall who launched a Career Coaching business focused on Mindset makeovers, specifically “How to channel the “Top Performer Mindset” that it takes to land the top jobs.”

Some of you might have already met Niki during our Meet the Recruiters Master Class.  If not, mark your calendar for our upcoming one on Wednesday, August 26 at 4 pm.

Niki Woodall is a Recruiter at Facebook with more than a decade of diverse experience serving non-profits designated under the U.S. State Department, EdTech companies, start-ups, and more.

The journey wasn’t always an easy one. Before packing her cat in her car and moving from Philly to NYC to change careers, Niki cultivated a love affair with mindset and personal development work and overcame her own “trauma drama” stories around worthiness and other limiting beliefs.

Over the years, candidates would start to confide in her with their deepest fears and life challenges, often saying, “You’re more like my coach or therapist than my recruiter.”

This led Niki to launch her own Career Coaching business focused on Mindset makeovers.

She says the benefits are ten-fold. “The same inner-work helps you transcend in all areas of life like love, money, and relationships, not just careers.”

She’s passionate about helping folks in transition tap into their limitless potential. As her mantra states, “You are loved, you are limitless and it’s time to shine.”

Niki offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching programs, and will soon be launching her online Career & Mindset Makeover course which we will also offer via our Get Hired Now! Network platform.

Don’t miss out on our conversation if you are interested in strategies to find more fulfilling work, and more importantly, how to stay the course in finding yourself again even in times of crisis.


Get Hired Now! Mastermind Group Call – Tuesday 08/04/20 at 5 pm PT – for our Get Hired Now! Network Members only.


If you are interested in joining our Get Hired Now! Network, please contact us at info@gethirednowprograms.com.

We look forward to seeing you and providing you with the tools that will lead to your success.

Nicole Michelle & Coach Ron Nash