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We have some exciting news for you! Maggie Waples, one of our Get Hired Now! network members, is joining us this Thursday to share the first module from her course The Role of Emotions in Personal and Professional Success.

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Thursday 6/18/20 at 5 p.m. PT, 8 p.m. ET

The Role of Emotions in Personal and Professional Success – Outline by Maggie Waples

Just one year ago in May 2019, the World Health Organization recognized burnout as a syndrome stemming from chronic workplace stress. Check out my article on this. In other words, we were already coming into the workplace in 2020 from a place of high anxiety, chronic stress, and low emotional resilience.

Just one year after that announcement, we entered an unprecedented period of history and are exponentially experiencing higher levels of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress both individually and in the collective.

Whether we are working full-time (perhaps adding to the plate being a homeschool teacher) or seeking the next chapter, our ability to understand our emotions, strengthen our individual and collective resilience, and support our people has never been higher stakes for our personal career success and the performance of our teams.

In this 4-module course, we will take a 360-degree look at emotions, which drive our behavior and fuel our level of resilience and ability to function at high levels. Managing our emotions and responding to the emotional wellness of our teams is more complex than a shortlist of strategies and its never been more relevant for managers and leaders.

In our discussions, you will learn what science and philosophy have to say about the ability to manage the mind and emotions and what you can do to maximize your mental wellness and respond to and support the people around you.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will explore emotions and emotional wellness using science, philosophy, and management as platforms to gain a deeper understanding of individual and collective emotional behavior as a foundation for improved workplace productivity and engagement
  • Participants will walk away equipped with exercises, models, and tools that help them achieve their personal and team goals around increasing emotional resilience and happiness
  • By learning and embracing how strong mindset and high emotional intelligence differentiates leaders in managing through uncertain times, participants position themselves and speak to leading in the new age when seeking career advancement or new roles

The Role of Emotions in Personal and Professional Success – Modules

  1. Individual and Company Emotional Metabolism
  2. Getting right with yourself (first) and understanding control
  3. Leading and managing teams in times of high anxiety
  4. Tools, and strategies to manage emotions


About Maggie Waples:

Maggie Waples has had a 30-year professional career in sales, marketing, and product management leading teams and managing the complexities of corporate life. She most recently joined a consumer products company running their global product management and marketing, a move she made with the aid of Get Hired Now Programs!

Maggie is a self-professed life-hacker exploring health and wellness as a side passion for many decades and recently launched a blog to share her learnings and experiences (maggiewaples.com).

She is an 8-year student of yoga and yoga philosophy and plans to get her teacher training certificate this fall. During the quarantine, she launched a yoga channel to support the DePauw women’s swim team and friends with free yoga and tutorials.

Maggie’s experience in leading and managing teams and her family led her to explore the depths of improving her own self-management and resilience and living her best path. She brings together her collective experience to teach what she has lived and learned about emotional wellness.

Maggie and her husband live in Indiana and have four children, three of whom are college students and currently living out their dream semester and summer at home with their parents.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/maggie-waples/

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