Please join us Thursday 11/05/20 at 5 pm PT, for our Get Hired Now! Career Success Networking Group Call with Coach Ron Nash.


We have invited the Recruiter Manager for Amazon Supply Chain Optimization Technologies (SCOT) to our GHN Career Network call.


He is going to speak about the Amazon opportunity and his experience there for the past 4.5 years.


GHN Career Network can now submit our members to Amazon SCOT and Amazon in general.

The criteria will be that you should NOT apply to the position in advance of being submitted through our channel.

We have received training materials and Coach Ron will be able to prep you on what they are looking for.


This is a fantastic advantage if you are interested to work for Amazon.

We suggest everyone attends this session even if you are not interested in an Amazon opportunity so that you can take away additional insights and information from a recruiter’s perspective. 🙂


This session will only be available during our live call, no recording can be provided.

If you know of anyone who you think would benefit from joining our GHN Career Network, please introduce them to us via email or have them contact us at info@gethirednowprograms.com.

We look forward to seeing you and providing you with the tools that will lead to your career success.

Your future looks bright!

Nicole Michelle & Coach Ron Nash